Sunday, April 27, 2014

First Post of the Blog and a Self-Introduction of Myself

Hello everyone,
welcome to my blog, Singapore Property Lobang!
My name is Nicholas Oh. I am a Real Esate Salesperson (RES) or just
simply a Property Agent (R052540I) with PropNex (L3008022J).
I don't know how did you get to my site but it is always great to have
visitors to my humble blog. You maybe have been linked from my other
sites or my name card or it is the power of Google. Anyway, Thank you
for the visit and I hope that you will enjoy your time at this blog and learn
something along the way. If you should have any property related enquiry,
be it residential, commercial, industrial and even overseas projects,
I will be glad to help.
My handphone number is 97509878 and my email is

Ok, a short introduction of myself and how I got myself into the real estate line.
I was previously from the IT sector but after working to make others rich
and I don't believe I have enough power to participate in the office politics
and climb up the corporate ladder, I decided to call it quit and venture out
of my own. I was involved in a couple of business start-up both with 
my own and my partners, and some work fine while other were doom from
 the starting line.

Anyhow, since young, I have a great liking for stocks and the property news
in the Money section in the newspaper. At that time, I was still reading the
ZaoBao (早报) as that was what my father and grandfather was reading.
A quick question for the readers: Which part or section in the newspaper
 do u normally read first?
When I was still young, I read the Sports section (体育版) first as I wanted to
read how my favourite team, Liverpool, performed in the league and cup matches.
By the way, I am a die-hard supporter of The Reds for over 30 years
and I will continue to be behind the team for many years to come.
Ooohh, did I just reveal my age?

After a few years of reading the ZaoBao, I switched to The Straits Times as I tried
to improve my English standard that time for both PSLE and GCE "O" Level.
I also started to read the Money section (财经版) and of course, I skipped the
in-between Obituary section 讣告版 as I was still quite young at that time.  8-)
Also during that time, there was a very (in)famous Hong Kong drama series
that I believe the readers of my generation will remembered dearly.
Do you still remember <大时代>, with unforgettable character like 丁蟹,
acted by 郑少秋 and of course, 刘青云  and 周慧敏?
I believe you will.

To cut the story short, I started to read up on Stocks and Real Estate,
but I have to admit that about 80% is on Stocks and only the rest
on Property, as I thought that we need a lot a lot of money to buy
or invest in property. How wrong I am?

I have been trading in our own stock market for quite many years and in
2008, I started a blog Singapore Stock Lobang as I wish to share and 
talk and chat with fellow like-minded market participants so that we will
have a better chance of winning money from Mr Market. I provide daily 
Market View on the market happens and also on particular stocks.
I also have a Skype chat that the blog readers can chat with me so
that I can provide a more timely advices to them. I am glad to report
that for the last 7 years, many readers have indeed benefited from 
the blog and my Skype advices as seen from the many testimonial
that I received as blog comment and emails. 

But somehow deep inside me, I feel that my fire of desire is diminishing
as I have been doing the same thing again and again and I am getting
a bid mechanical at time. That was also the time when I really take a
good look at the property market. Stocks is my First Love and somehow
I started to fall in love with Property too, and I was wondering whether
I can juggle this 2 great money-generating tools at the same time.
At that time, my precious-love wife also give me the blessing to venture
out of my comfort zone and plunge into the unknown property market.
I started to find out how can I become a property agent and I took the
RES class last October and the RES exam in November. The result
came about 4-week later and I passed both papers. I guess my preparation
for the exam was adequate as I passed in one try. There are only 
4 person who passed in my class of 40, and I am one of them.
For a more detailed reason why I joined as a property agent, you can read

I strongly believe that I can help the readers and clients to find their
lovely dream home and also use property as a money-generating
tool in the route to financial freedom.
If you should require any property advice, please feel free to ccontact
me for a non-obligation discussion.
My handphone number is 97509878 and my email is



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