Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Propnex Consumer Empowerment Seminar 27, May 2014

I believe that most, if not all, of the readers will agree with me that Owning and
Investing in a (few) property is a major decision for all of us. Propnex places
strong emphasis on equipping the client and the general public with all the
facts and data analysis for all your asset preservation and growing your wealth.

At this moment, are you feeling uncertain of the next move in preserving and
growing the value of your assets, given the dynamism of numerous policies and
cooling measures that were introduced?
Do you understand the impact of the various cooling measures to your property?
Is NOW a good time to buy or to sell your property?
Should you just adopt a sit-and-watch-and wait attitude toward the
current market condition?
Do you know that it is a Buyer's Market now and how can you take advantage
of the situation?
Is there a sustainable demand for properties in Singapore?
What are the essential points to consider if you want to succeed in Property Investment?
Or just simply, What should you do in the current property market NOW?

You need to

If you are not busy, not occupied, don't have a wedding dinner to attend, not
working OT on 27th May, and want to find out where the property market is
heading in 2014 and beyond, and whether it is a good time to buy/sell/invest
and where is the property hot spot to go to, then I wish to invite you to Propnex's
Consumer Empowerment Seminar.

I am giving away 50 45 41 36 30 19 14 tickets left to the seminar for FREE for the first 50
readers who whatsapp me @ 97509878 before 20th May or when they are all
Therefore, if you don't want to miss the boat and miss this great deal,
then start whatsapp me NOW!

 P.S.: If you are still not taking action to hear from my CEO, Mr Ismail, on
how and where to take advantage of the current market condition NOW,
then listen to this:


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