Monday, April 28, 2014

PropNex Consumer Guide

With the objective to empower consumers with knowledge for better investment judgement, PropNex has initiated this series of comprehensive consumer guides to address different property market segments. Besides answering the common doubts and dilemmas faced by the consumers, the Consumer Guides also offer solutions to preserve the consumers’ assets.

“The EC market will not be short of buyers. The widening price gap between mass market homes and ECs, the partial exemption from the new TDSR framework, as well as the availability of the housing grants make ECs even more affordable than before. The average take-up rate for ECs in 2013 has been healthy and we expect the demand to sustain in the near to mid-term. Barring external shocks in the market, ECs are the safest bet for developers and buyers alike.”

Extracted from the booklet

“By many measures, Singapore’s public housing programme has been an astounding success. Despite so, concerns over HDB price increases outstripping income growth have been festering for several years.

Undoubtedly, HDB has played, and will continue to play an important role in the building of an inclusive society – by making housing available and homeownership affordable, and in the process, reducing the barriers across income and racial groups.

Many early homeowners have indeed benefited handsomely from rising property prices over the past decades. Changes in domestic and external environments suggest that the run up is unsustainable and a fundamental relook at the existing housing policies is warranted.

Since 2006 till now, the rapid population growth far exceeded the supply and HDB resale prices continued to rise. Both BTO and resale flat prices became hot issues with Singaporeans. In fact, resale prices have increased by over 100% in just a few years.

With HDB resale prices growing at a phenomenal rate, many measures have since been introduced. The key questions to ask yourself are:
  1. Is your HDB property still an asset or a liability?
  2. Will your HDB property value continue to grow, or decline?
  3. Should you upgrade now or wait longer?"

-Extracted from the booklet

  “Home ownership is a big deal for Singaporeans – the most critical part of the 5 Cs in the Singapore Dream is the one that stands for ‘Condo’. Over 80% of the population lives in HDB flats and owning a condominium will propel one to the top 20% in one’s status of asset ownership. Condominiums are generally located in good neighbourhoods and with many amenities nearby such as schools, colleges, clinics, gymnasiums and many others. Along with amenities, condominiums are well planned and landscaped with facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts, barbeque pits meeting and conference halls and many more. Security is also provided for the entire development featuring 24 hours security, auto gate and CCTVs. It is also no secret that:

Millionaires become millionaires NOT by saving pennies, BUT BY INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE”

-Extracted from the booklet

If you are interested to get the Consumer Guide for different property market 
segments, simply just call me, Nicholas @ 97509878 and I can pass you a booklet.


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